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PWDF Board Members:

Ben Baker – President
Kelli Allen – Vice President
Scott Harris – Secretary
Dave Helsper – Treasurer
JoAnna Jenkins – Director

PWDF Employees:

Julie Walz – Interim Director

Our Mission

Prairie West Development Foundation (PWDF), a non-profit organization, is committed to the growth and ongoing success of the current and future business sectors of Beach, Golva, and Sentinel Butte in Golden Valley County and Billings County in Southwestern North Dakota..

PWDF partners with the City and County Governments, Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the Community Learning & Technology Center. Together we support business education, interest buy downs, assistance in accessing local and state incentive programs, Renaissance Zone and tax incentives available to North Dakota small businesses

The Prairie West Development Foundation board meets the second Tuesday of the month at the Community Learning & Technology Center at 55 1st St. SE in Beach at 8:30am.